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31 May - 4 June 2021, LUXEMBOURG

ICAAS 2021

International Conference on Accounting & Assessment in Statistics (ICAAS) 2021: National and Business Accounts for Sustainable Development Policies

Conference focus

Statistical reporting is an important policy support, especially in this age of information and knowledge based decision making at all levels. The statistical information systems around the world are changing as fast as technology.

In this evolving context, accounts and assessments models are growing as well as important tools in statistics, going far beyond the standard core business and national economic accounts.

The International Conference on Accounting & Assessment in Statistics (ICAAS) 2021 is a new online conference, based on the overarching need to discuss ongoing developments on this topic in responce to policy needs. ICAAS is held to address the issues of statistical methodologies and thematic applications in accounting and assessment. Discussions will focus on the new tools provision, particularly in the areas needed for sustainable development policies. Statistical offices with the support of research institutions are developing national statistical systems that can meet the monitoring and evaluation requirements of development frameworks, such as, as a leading example, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Companies and rating agencies, for their part, are expanding accounting and reporting in the non-economic area to assess several standards and specifically the Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) performances.

Important developments are proposed internationally and currently being implemented by European countries: from the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD), with for example the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA), or from the European Commission (Eurostat), with the satellite accounts system to the European System of Accounts (ESA). All supporting statistics needed for planning, monitoring and evaluating policies results.

National, regional and business accounting plays a central role in disclosing information and providing statistics and data.

Several questions arise: which kind of information is needed for Sustainable Development? To what extent these information needs can be met by accounting in statistics? Which data are already available and which missing data should be collected? Which are the statistical issues to be addressed and the limits of this approach? Which are the best experiences and practices developed in this area? These and further issues in methodological and applied statistics: contributions are expected on both these areas.

Organizers and Partners

The Luxembourg Statistical Society (LSS) is organizing the event with the support of FENStatS, Statec, Eurostat, University of Luxembourg, PWC-Luxembourg and the IARNIW of India.

The Organizers are actively looking for additional partners to enrich the scientific content of the conference, sponsor side events or sessions, or use the occasion to show case their products and services. All contributions will be duly recognized.


The conference is organized by the Luxembourg Statistical Society (LSS) and hosted by the University of Luxembourg.

Scientific committee :

  • John Haas, (STATEC)
  • Arturo de la Fuente, (EUROSTAT)
  • Rajiv Sherma, (IARNIW)
  • John Verrinder, (EUROSTAT)

Organizing committee :

  • Christophe Ley (Ghent University)
  • Edoardo Pizzoli, (University of Luxembourg)
  • Jang SCHILTZ (University of Luxembourg)
  • Agnieszka Walczak (University of Luxembourg)
  • Michela Bia (LISER)

Call for papers

Paper submission and deadlines.

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The deadline for application is the Monday, May 17, 2021.


Online Conference

The conference will take place online. Detailed instruction will be supplied after registration.

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